Stickers are the answer!

That’s right friends, if you have kids you’re probably saying “No Shit Ainsley!” well you can stop reading.

But seriously! I had thought stickers were for the age when you had a sticker collection!  You can tell I’m a kid of the late 80s to 90s. I had a book with pages dedicated to different styles – puffy, sparkly, artificial fruit smell, NKOTB etc. NO?! just me?

I guess we can add “kids are sticker fiends” to the already long list Stuff about Being a Parent, and those dang Kids, I didn’t know.

I recently discovered the power of stickers. I have a toddler and we are entering the Potty Zone! It’s that time in my life when I have to embrace all things poop. I swore before I became a mom that I would refrain from poo chatter. I was that jerk sans kids who agreed with my husband “we won’t talk about poop all the time, we will stay current and keep up with important social issues” eff off former child free snobby self, hate to break it to you but at some point in the day your partner might ask you for the poop scoop.

But this post was really supposed to be about the power of stickers. What is it that makes stickers so fascinating? they are sticky, colorful… wait I’m starting to see now. I fear the day that stickers no longer work as a bargaining chip, one day she will see through my thin veil of lies and call me out. In the mean time her potty chart is very busy with stickers and hopefully some day soon we will be diaper free! #celebratethesmallstuff

What about you? have you found a trick to help in the potty training department? do you still have your sticker collection?

All the stickers we can find are now ending up on the Potty Chart. Good thing my husband and I horded stickers for so long!

*please note: there may be future posts related to shit, toilet humor and other items considered inappropriate, it’ll be hilarious!

Ice Cream

It’s the little things that we need to appreciate. The funnypetiteandsweet things.

I was waiting in my car for the light to turn green and I was distracted by all of the wonderfully different people walking by. I was near the park and it was sweltering! one of those stupid hot days (one I promised I wouldn’t complain about!) and I saw lots of people trying their best to stay cool.

Just off to the side there is a randomly placed bench under beautiful old trees. this little patch of heaven is squeezed b/w a few roads, a grocery store and a seniors/assisted living home. And sitting on the bench was a woman, an octogenarian with the BIGGEST tub of ice cream I have ever seen and a single plastic spoon. under the shade of these trees it didn’t matter about the cars, she was enjoying the spoon of ice cream and the look on her face was so content, satisfied and happy. Just. Happy. One single moment. and it made me happy too.

No fuss, no cares, just a giant tub of Neapolitan and a single spoon.

The tub of ice ceam
A Giant Tub of Ice Cream

Looking back I wish I could have taken a picture of her enjoying her ice cream, I think of the image as I try to dial back the crazy, as I focus on the small things and not the huge things that are out of my control. it is this image of contentment that we all aspire to. Finding the simple things and finding happiness.

That is what I want for today and tomorrow and the next day.


A giant tub of ice cream and a single spoon.

What simple, small (or large) thing makes you happy?

Happy Birthday to… YOU!

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

There is nothing like celebrating a friend’s birthday, I’m one of those people who has grown to dislike my day of birth.

I realized that it’s denial on my part, getting older comes with so many exciting challenges. For adults I think it is the fact that another birthday has gone by and it is a reminder of all of the things we haven’t had the chance to tackle. How could this year be gone already?! So many crafts I wanted to start!

But when you’re 8 and you have your first slumber party or you turn 16 and your parents surprise you with the basketball net (THANKS MOM & DAD!). Having a birthday when you’re a kid is full of awesomeness!

BUT as you get older the milestone birthdays are the ones that start to get really fun! For me it’s even more fun when it’s for someone else! Not that long ago a group of friends celebrated Kat’s 30th Birthday. We celebrated BIG time! All grown up and stuff,

I’m talkin’ hotel party y’all!

Hotel party! Obligatory novelty napkins, fruit display and party guests

If you’re a baseball fan you have probably thought about having a party at the hotel that connects to the SKYDOME Rogers Centre. I have to tell you, this party did not disappoint. I was surrounded by people I love, there was food, dranksss and no kids. I can’t speak for everyone, but I had a great time! I made some new acquaintances, had the chance to catch up with my friends and got to have a sleep over with my hubs in a king size bed. With comfy pillows.

I hope that Kat had a great time, and judging by the pics I would say she did indeed.

Happiest of Birthdays to you Kat! I think she was surprised!

Happiest of Birthdays to you Kat! I think she was surprised!

What about you? Have you been to a memorable birthday party? A good theme party you want to tell us about? Did you have a fantastic party thrown in your honor?


jean machine

Not too long ago I was kinda pissed at my husband.

My husband is a fan of all things clothing related. He is a loyal GQ subscriber, enjoys shopping at Winners and always tries to look his very best. he is my go to when I want to make sure I don’t look like a hobo as I’m going out the door to playgroup/the pet store/craft shoppe/restaurant etc.

he is the person I envy when it comes to wardrobe, well I envy his ability to find clothes that fit, plus I envy the ladies in my life and famous people and their clothing but that’s not realistic (Hellloooo personal stylists & tailors!). To be honest I have found that pushing a human the size of a watermelon out of my bajingo has made finding things that fit a bit of a challenge (and did I mention frustrating? no one told me that would happen!) and I don’t have to “dress up” to go to work in my home office…

Anywho! we came upon a sale at the Gap (when don’t they have a sale amiright?!) and my hubby bought new jeans. To say my husband has a few pairs in his closet, is an understatement, at last count I saw about 8 to 10 pairs. Plus he does seem to take his sweet time wearing clothes out. To show you what I mean here is a pic of his jeans that are about 4 years old next to his brand new pair (same wash, style). It got me thinking wow! what a life these jeans have had, in 4 years hubby-o-mine has done a lot. He became a father (gulp!) started a new job, worked on house projects, traveled, and lived! as much as a person can on a tight budget 🙂

I couldn’t stay pissed b/c, lets face it, he looks good in those denim blues. What I can do is be happy that he is happy wearing his jeans and that he is living his life, and his clothes, to the max.

What about you? Do you have a favorite pair of jeans or a sweater that is almost rags you just can’t bear to part with? do you have an item in your closet that you wish you had multiples of?

Hubby Jeans circa 2011 (LH) compared to recent purchase 2015
Hubby Jeans circa 2011 (LH) compared to recent purchase 2015

Ben & Jen – say it ain’t so!

I love how celebrity divorces take on a life of their own thanks to the internets.

Of course I don’t mean that I enjoy families falling apart and all the unhappiness, but what I think is hilarious is how a celeb marriage comes under such scrutiny. Gossip rags analyze every photo to death trying to find some sort of body language, cue that “signaled” things were ending (I’m looking at you Cosmo). just because the person isn’t smiling in the photo (probably #4 of 3000) doesn’t mean that things are falling apart. or does it? BenandJenFrom what I have seen online it sounds like Bennifer 2.0 are doing things right, as far as celebrity divorces can go, they made a quick announcement and then packed up the kids and Got Outta Dodge. Taking the summer to spend some quality time with the kids and stay out of the spotlight to get their shit together seems so… normal. The kids aren’t in school so they don’t have to deal with difficult questions or bullies (or paparazzi) and by the time summer is over things may resemble some sort of normal. Ben and Jen had a good run in terms of celeb marriages. 10 years is a long time for any couple no matter who they are!

My friend Ms.Poehler wrote in her book Yes Please, a 10 year marriage is certainly not a failure – it is 10 years with kids and that’s a long time in any persons life. This is just a new chapter. Now that the couple are out of the prying eyes of the paparazzi you know what that means? The world can speculate with glorious insanity about the who, what and the where, but I know that everyone is really concerned about Matt Damon… who’s getting MD in the divorce? OR!!! (and I LOL’d at this post found on the internets – again, I’m lookin’ at you Cosmo) could this mean that Bennifer the Original could happen again? or maybe I need to stop clicking on links to Cosmo. Could it be the early 2000s all over again? Lets give Jenny from the Block another look/listen. Rocks, Beige clothing, Big Hair and J.Lo. We can have all the fun we want talking about celebs, but in the end let’s hope that the kids are all right and that everyone gets along in the end.


The other day, driving home form work, I passed a high school PACKED with kids in gowns and hats, parents and guardians in fancy summer outfits and the air was buzzing with excitement. As my husband and I sat at the red light watching the festivities we got to talking about our high school experiences. to which I proclaimed “UGH! If I had known a shred of what I know now …” I feel like at some point we all say the same, that time flew by and we didn’t realize there were life lessons to be had. I reached out via social to see if my friends had any advice for their High School Selves and it seems that we all had a few common ideas that we WISH we had known. if you’re a youngster reading this blog (or not) here are a few things my friends thought would be important to share about the high school experience:

  • Spend more time seriously thinking about what you want to do in the future, use this time to explore your options and the world! the world can be your backyard and not just doing that hip back packing through Europe garbage that you see on TV. That whole backpacking through Europe dream is kind of bullshit unless your parents are millionaires and are ok with footing the bill.
Featured image
Back packing? probably not! but seriously – no one looks like that good shhlubbing a huge backpack around Europe
  • and I can’t stress enough – if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up that’s ok too. I can tell you, my last year of high school I spent a good deal of time feeling like shit because people in my world felt that I was a lost lamb. I spent the 1st year after high school without a plan and worked 2 jobs instead, sure I missed out on a few things, but in the end I know that it was the right decision. What if I had gone to school and then wasted money? on one hand it might have worked, but I can’t turn back time. I just really hated how my peers and even my teachers shook their heads at me… like I was some lost cause. Well Look At Me Now Jerks!
Featured image
I don’t even have a PLA… and it turns out that not having a plan is ok too.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, we get that this is the oldest you have ever been, but you can stop being a dick to people. This is the time to make friends and lasting bonds, not treating people like crap because you don’t think they wear the right clothes or because their gay or because they have a different hair cut than yours. Giving back is important and being an active member in your community is never a bad decision. For those of you reading this who have found people are mean and that these past few years have been hard I feel for you completely and my friends and I tell you in all honesty IT DOES GET BETTER! #itgetsbetter
Featured image
here’s me – free from high school and getting to see things from a fresh perspective
  • and most importantly don’t give a flying trout what other people think! I spent too much time worrying about what the “cool kids” thought about what I was wearing when I walked through the cafe. as a Senior I began to realize it wasn’t ever going to be good enough for them and I needed to be happy being me plus those people were morons, they thought it was important to point out my flaws and that my clothes didn’t come from fancier/lame stores in Toronto when in reality they were pathetic – stuff was happening to them and they thought making me feel like crap would somehow make themselves feel better. I can honestly say that those people … well they can go suck an egg… and they are no better.

if you could go back! is that the dream?! to redo your time in high school with everything you know now? would it be better? what would you tell you Younger Self?

Canadian Summers

The summer breeze is finally here!

I don’t know about you, my hordes of fans, but I am pretty excited that summer has officially arrived.

Like all Canadians the summer is a valuable treasures. I’m pretty sure John Mayer sings “It’s those couple weeks of summer that makes the whole year seem worthwhile” PRAISE JM! You sing the truth! and since this past winter it felt like the warm breezes and longer days would never arrive.

A friend on FB wrote “It would be great to spend an entire summer never having to hear complaints about the weather” PREACH! So to get it all out of our system I thought this blog post could be the place where we air our grievances. Get it all out right now. Purge ourselves of the negative and bring in the positive. here is my list to get us started, tell me if you agree/disagree or if I’m missing anything 🙂

  1. sweating in uncomfortable places – for me? it’s underwire/underboobage, I have recently discovered top lip sweat and I am not a fan.
  2. Mosquitos and black flies – they seem to be at most dangerous early in the summer and now that I have a little one I am even more cautious about dusk and dawn play time in the yard.
    1. part 2 – the itchyness. OH SHIIIIT! I wish for ankle bites and other uncomfortable areas for my worst enemies
  3. Algal Bloom – if you are not quite sure about what it is then check out the experts at National Geographic on Algal Bloom. this stuff can sure cramp your summer time fun!
  4. people of a certain age wearing clothing that they just shouldn’t – correction, those who choose to not wear anything. That’s right! I’m taking to you gramps ala cut off shorts or lady mc-braless, I understand it’s hot, but for goodness sakes you can look amazing in summer casuals. same goes for you hot 20somethings why not leave SOMETHING to the imagination.

    Awkward! and Gross!
    Awkward! and Gross! Put the Mouse Back in the House buddy #gunther #friends
  5. also, when is it all of a sudden ok to wear a hillbilly tank top as an outer layer? maybe it’s just where I live…
  6. socks and sandals BAH!

  7. allergies – all winter it’s smooth sailing, then spring/summer creeps up and it’s like MY EYES HAVE NEVER KNOWN SUCH ITCHYNESS AND I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT IT EVERY DAY! (ahem my husband)
  8. your sweet treat melts a little too quickly. So many drips! no one can handle that in a calm way
  9. and finally condensation – I know it’s a little insane, but you have to understand, I am a BIG fan of icy drinks as well as previously mentioned slushy drinks so having to scrounge for a coaster isn’t ideal. But I’ll get all Monica on your ass if I find condensation on my nice table.

NOW Let’s Bring on the Summer FUN!


Has it ever happened to you where you try something new and it turns out to be pretty bad? maybe downright yucky?

well, the other day my hubby brought home the usual grocery splendor and he presented me with a jug of limeade. Now, I am a FAN of lime/lemon/cherry… pretty much any bev that ends in “ade”… so he thought I would enjoy. Also the fact that it was super on sale helped – we’re classy and on a budget!

Anywho, tlimeadehe juice turned out to be not so great! we figured that’s why it was on sale – gettin’ rid of the stuff! a bit chemically, not so much what we had hoped for. BUT here’s the thing, now that the bottle is almost empty I’m coming to worry that I am going to miss it. it took me a week to get used to the chemically aftertaste, i’m probably getting stomach cancer as I write this, but then it got me to thinking about why I seem to have this LOVE/Hate on with this “juice”.

Around 12:45 last night it hit me! OH MAN! it’s a sensory cue! as I was standing in the light of the fridge takin’ a swig that’s when I realized why it was familiar.

it takes me back to my university days – a time when drinking was a pretty regular occurrence (in moderation, responsibly and only on weekend Mom, I promise) and I was trying to figure out what to order at bars, figure out my major and figure who the hell I wanted to be when I grew up.

I say pretty confidently that I have answers for 2 of the 3 things. #1 I enjoy silly drinks  (if it has an umbrella in it I’ll probably like it) #2 I went with my Bachelors in Humanities with a focus in Art History and for #3 I have no Effing idea what I want to be when I grow up… still.

Drinking, making new friends, learning about myself, were some of the most awesome moments so far in this world of mine. That’s why I love/hate the “juice” it makes me think about my past and miss it . it also has to do with the fact that I had a mini reunion over the weekend with my school mates and it confirmed I MISS MY FRIENDS! DID YOU HEAR ME! I MISS YOU! AND I KNOW I DON’T SAY IT ENOUGH!

are there triggers that get you thinking about certain people/places or things? I have so many triggers – I’ll have to write more about them as the year goes on.

Enjoy the weekend and libations responsibly friends.

hairstylists laugh at your jokes

I had a hair appointment to get my noggin’ all styled up and ready for summer!

While enjoying the “me” time I also get the chance to catch up with my hairdresser/friend/mommy mentor Miss.M.

Sure, I pay her to hang out with me on most of our get togethers BUT I won’t let that stop this happy parade. I’ll take what I can get!Featured image

Yesterday I left my purse out of view and given the clientele I was confident that no one was going to walk out of the salon with my lip gloss, keys or purse. the ladies visiting were there for up dos or bi-monthly sets (if you’re not familiar with what a “hair set” is it’s shop talk for a Nana perm/poodle hair/golden girls do) and then there was me.

Without much thought we joked that I probably didn’t have to worry too much about my bag, and THEN I made an awesome Dirty Dancing reference WALLETS on the Floor! no one suspects the Needlemens! and it was well received.

It’s the little things that make the day better, and getting in that little joke was just what my morning needed. This is a Thank You to my friend Miss. M for laughing at my joke… and for being old enough to get that reference… and for being my friend, because making (and keeping) friends can be tough and I’m glad I got to joke around with you!

Do you have a hard time making friends or is it all breezy and you’re miss/mister popular? what jokes have you told recently that were well received? it felt good didn’t it?!

Have a happy Start to the week y’all!