All the single parents, All the single parents

WOW! what a week.

1st, let me start off this post by saying I respect single parents doin’ their thang every day. I don’t want anyone to think I felt any other way.

Not until I was a single parent last week did I REALLY get to understand even a tad of what single parents take care of day-in-day-out. My husband spent last week working his butt off for a conference in the works for the last year. It was all hands on deck for 6 days, 14-18 hour days, he came home to sleep a few hours and then was back out the door. So i was in charge of ALL the things for our 2 babes.

What I came to understand was how single parents must feel AND how crazy a life it must be when you throw a job into the mix as well. Since I’m on Mat Leave (thank YOU Canada!) I had one advantage of not having to time manage myself, dress and have some semblance of washed hair. My clients were my daughter and son and they are too young to judge me too harshly.

I will admit it to anyone who will listen/read this blog post: It is a miracle I made it, I got lunches packed and bottles made and every evening but I learned more about myself. I had to be ok with wearing the same sweater for 3 days in a row and pretending I didn’t give AF what the other moms thought, I had to cook ALL the meals and somehow find time to eat, I had to be patient with my baby as he screamed bloody murder during story time (kudos to my 4 yr old for keeping her shit together) and the last part I learned was that I am ridiculously Co-Dependent and that made me more upset than anything else.

Being left alone to my thoughts isn’t great on the best of days, but this past week I had a chance to really take an honest look at myself. Am I happy with how my life would be if I was the single parent? Would I be able to handle this if my life suddenly took a new turn? I am still leaning towards YES.

Big shout outs to the single parents who can get the kids out the door fed, clean and ready to tackle the world. Not only do you have the energy of a thousand suns know that you are doing a great job when the laundry is piling up – the laundry can wait (I learned – SCREW Laundry – just know which basket has the clean stuff). My words of encouragement came from my daughter, little I love yous or thanks for the scrambled eggs mama made it worth it. Her funny and sweet personality got me through it. This is where the parents get their juju to take on the world I supposed.

Single parents – you got this. Take every little word from your littles as encouragement – you’re doing great and it doesn’t matter if their hair didn’t get brushed this morning or they have extra granola bars in their lunches they love you because you’re there for them.

I bow down to you with the utmost respect and awe.


ps- have you discovered something new about yourself since becoming a parent? I’d love to hear what you have!




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