Harper Lee

Good Morning Literature Fans!

I know I promised that this blog would be all fun and awesomeness (so far, with just a few hiccups along that way like that Pity Party disaster of a post) but now that I have had about a month to digest the passing of Ms. Lee I wanted to type out some thoughts about the author who changed my life.

Maybe changed my life is too strong. Maybe shaped my views of the world? that still doesn’t seem right, but I do believe that Lee shaped how I view the world and how one novel can do so much. And clearly I am not alone.

Oh sure! The blog-o-sphere shouts back at me How could one book mean so much to you? it was just ONE book, ONE moment in your young life. There are millions of meaningful works out there. and while I don’t disagree I can say with certainty that there are only handful of books that have truly stuck with me.

One of the reasons I love To Kill A Mockingbird so is because it had the balls to be banned! I LOVED that I loved a book so much and it was somehow scandalous. It was a beautiful thing, I discovered a book that a few narrow-minded twits thought to ban. I felt superior! In a time when I was trying to figure out who I was, and getting ready for a new chapter in my life this book somehow made me feel smarter and that was something I didn’t feel as often as I would like.

The other reason I still love this book is that I am finding more people who love it with just as much intensity. I knew all along I wasn’t the only one, but as I find other stories that shape my way of thinking I am glad there are more people I know who love the book and want to talk about it. The power of a single work of writing really is a fantastic thing 🙂

A few other novels that have impacted my world:

Surfacing – Margaret Atwood surfacing
Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plathsylvia

What about you? Have you found a novel/short story/poem that shaped your way of thinking? Perhaps gave you a new perspective or changed your life path?

I would love to hear about your favorites!







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