Playdough is crushing my soul


That’s right! I said it! Playdough is slowly killing me.

It sounds insane, but now that I’m a parent I have discovered I have a hard time with some #firstworldproblem stuff. Apparently I am not a good playdough participant and my kiddo is not happy, I have been demoted to second string playdough participant!

You know it’s bad when you would rather do anything else, in my case it’s washing dishes and that is SO low on my list of things to do… my husband knows there has been playdough out when there isn’t a dirty dish in sight.

I hate to say, but I would do just about anything else to avoid it. Doesn’t that sound like one of the shitty-est things? To be fair it’s not that I hate ALL playdough, it’s just the mixing of the playdough that my brain cannot seem to accept “I will play with you, but only if you use one color at a time” has become my motto and then I did try salt dough – I figured this would be great! you can make a batch in a variety of colors and then you don’t care if they mix together b/c it’s just flour + water + salt. WRONG!

Not only did my salt dough not turn out like it showed on Pinterest,
(ugh! now I have to add pinterest fail to my list of disappointing parenting moments LOL), but then the dough was too salty I guess? my hands couldn’t take it! My brain was steaming! GET THIS CRAP OFF MY HANDS!

Anywho, the lesson I learned today is that I have to cool my jets, it’s just playdough and this kid friendly stuff is just one more thing I have to learn to be ok with. I just have to let it go.

Have you discovered stuff as a parent that drives you crazy? But not really crazy… just a bit irrational and hilarious? I’d love to hear about it!





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