Friends for the Holidays Part 1

I, like so many diehard fans, wanted to spend a bit of my holidays catching a few episodes. My hubby had a great idea: why don’t we watch some Netflix and chill! No! Wait! I just found out what that means!

What he really meant was: Let’s watch the holiday episodes in the Friends seasons, you love the show so much and I love you so it’s a win/win

*ok, that may not have been exactly what he said, but it’s pretty dang close

Obviously I thought the idea was awesome AND I thought it would be a great idea for a blog post or even a series of them. So here we go…

If you don’t really know me, soon you will discover how much of a Friends junky I really am. I have logged thousands of hours laughing it up with Ross, Joey, Pheebs, Rachel, Mon and Chandler. I have learned valuable life lessons, copied haircuts and style and I would argue that Kauffman and Crane did create one of the best sitcoms of all time. All time. NO! All time.

To celebrate all things holiday-ish we sat down to watch a few of the episodes that fell around the Christmas Season.

S1 The One with the Monkey:

OMG! 1994!!! I love how this show is such a time capsule. In 1994 I was a youngin’, so these episodes didn’t enter my universe until later but MAN you gotta love the clothes. We were curious: were those giant vest cardigans ever actually cool in the 90’s? The scrungees I totally get, velvet dresses I thought were so fancy (apparently making a comeback?!) and cameras WITH Film!

But holy shit those sweater vests.

The episode is really a great starting point for a chat about how relationships can leave a mark on your heart. For those of you who might not know this is where we meet David (aka Scientist Guy aka Hank Azaria).


Enter the discussion about long-distance romances! Sometimes you meet the one but the timing is off, and Phoebe shows us what a strong person should act like. Sure, you’re going to be so sad, but if you really love someone you’re going to want them to have all the opportunities in the world, and that means letting them go.

It’s really neat how #spoileralert the writers brought David back on more than one occasion.




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