camping with kids

Summer is officially over, Hello Fall!

I thought it would be fun to talk about all the summer stuff now šŸ™‚

We can stay cozy inside and reminisce about the fun adventures of summer 2015 together.

In late August we decided to try a short camping trip with our toddler, now I wouldn’t say that the entire trip was all things amazing all the time. But all of the little stuff added up to one hell of a trip. it was a nice learning experience, I found out that it is possible to camp with a little one without losing your mind (anxiety girl over here did not sleep so well leading up to the trip) but I found by making a few lists ahead of time and talking it out we prepared for the trip well and might do it again next summer.

The little things that really added up for me made the trip so great. My husband is the outdoorsy camping guy, I’m the I camped to stay up late with my friends and get drunk / spend all weekend sleeping on the beach gal so I really had to prepare myself for 1. there would be minimum to no drinking Ā 2. I had to make sure no one fell in the fire pit 3. oh right, I’m a mom.

But seriously, the 3 days away were really great after all. I owned the crap out of my messy clothes and the fine coating of dirt and accepted the fact that this trip was more about my husband and daughter making memories then it was about me. This time, it wasn’t about me. And I was ok with that.

The standoutĀ moments from our trip came down to 5 things:

  • We made the most of our roadtrip to and from Algonquin park with almost NO drama. No one was car sick, the car wasn’t so ridiculously stuffed with our shit that we could actually see out the windows. I’m proud to say we may have figured out what to pack/not pack
  • We hiked a 2+km trail just the 3 of us, no one around and just a butt load of trees. We had a group hug at the end b/c our daughter walked the entire way. #celebratethesmallthings

Featured image

  • I was worried about how sleeping in a tent would work for our little one, would the sun wake her at the crack of dawn? apparently not! it was probably b/c I bundled her into this jammy caccoon that kept her all snug as a bug. Not even kidding, we brought fleece footy jammies and a sherpa sweater… for August… in Ontario. Layers are the Key …. and a tuque. Always have an effing tuque.
  • the water was cold but my husband humored me and I had the chance to swim every day. swimming is one my THINGS (add it to the growing list of THINGS!) But one spot in particular really changed my day. I was swimming at East Beach, and as I was looking at the trees surrounding me there was this deafening silence of a moment for me, a clarifying moment. it sounds so cliche, but it happened right then and I realized how small I was in this insanely huge world.
  • watching the stars come out with my kid. to be up in Algonquin really is a game changer when it comes to seeing stars, and I’m a fan of the universe and all the burning balls of gas up there. Just beautiful.

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If my daughter could tell you what her favorite parts from our trip where she would probably tell you:

  • Comfort stations – regular bathrooms are no longer acceptable places to go pee
  • dirt is amazing – IĀ spent time “sweeping” the camp site when we arrived
  • Road trips mean chocolate milk – parents bribed me with chocolate milk
  • My mom was filthy but I had lots of clean clothes – I’m glad someone was looking after me, I was cozy

What about you? was there something fun this summer that really made it the BEST ever? did you have an awesome staycation? Insane Adventure? What made this summer super fun for ya? I’d love to hear about it


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