Stickers are the answer!

That’s right friends, if you have kids you’re probably saying “No Shit Ainsley!” well you can stop reading.

But seriously! I had thought stickers were for the age when you had a sticker collection!  You can tell I’m a kid of the late 80s to 90s. I had a book with pages dedicated to different styles – puffy, sparkly, artificial fruit smell, NKOTB etc. NO?! just me?

I guess we can add “kids are sticker fiends” to the already long list Stuff about Being a Parent, and those dang Kids, I didn’t know.

I recently discovered the power of stickers. I have a toddler and we are entering the Potty Zone! It’s that time in my life when I have to embrace all things poop. I swore before I became a mom that I would refrain from poo chatter. I was that jerk sans kids who agreed with my husband “we won’t talk about poop all the time, we will stay current and keep up with important social issues” eff off former child free snobby self, hate to break it to you but at some point in the day your partner might ask you for the poop scoop.

But this post was really supposed to be about the power of stickers. What is it that makes stickers so fascinating? they are sticky, colorful… wait I’m starting to see now. I fear the day that stickers no longer work as a bargaining chip, one day she will see through my thin veil of lies and call me out. In the mean time her potty chart is very busy with stickers and hopefully some day soon we will be diaper free! #celebratethesmallstuff

What about you? have you found a trick to help in the potty training department? do you still have your sticker collection?

All the stickers we can find are now ending up on the Potty Chart. Good thing my husband and I horded stickers for so long!

*please note: there may be future posts related to shit, toilet humor and other items considered inappropriate, it’ll be hilarious!

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