Ice Cream

It’s the little things that we need to appreciate. The funnypetiteandsweet things.

I was waiting in my car for the light to turn green and I was distracted by all of the wonderfully different people walking by. I was near the park and it was sweltering! one of those stupid hot days (one I promised I wouldn’t complain about!) and I saw lots of people trying their best to stay cool.

Just off to the side there is a randomly placed bench under beautiful old trees. this little patch of heaven is squeezed b/w a few roads, a grocery store and a seniors/assisted living home. And sitting on the bench was a woman, an octogenarian with the BIGGEST tub of ice cream I have ever seen and a single plastic spoon. under the shade of these trees it didn’t matter about the cars, she was enjoying the spoon of ice cream and the look on her face was so content, satisfied and happy. Just. Happy. One single moment. and it made me happy too.

No fuss, no cares, just a giant tub of Neapolitan and a single spoon.

The tub of ice ceam
A Giant Tub of Ice Cream

Looking back I wish I could have taken a picture of her enjoying her ice cream, I think of the image as I try to dial back the crazy, as I focus on the small things and not the huge things that are out of my control. it is this image of contentment that we all aspire to. Finding the simple things and finding happiness.

That is what I want for today and tomorrow and the next day.


A giant tub of ice cream and a single spoon.

What simple, small (or large) thing makes you happy?


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