Ben & Jen – say it ain’t so!

I love how celebrity divorces take on a life of their own thanks to the internets.

Of course I don’t mean that I enjoy families falling apart and all the unhappiness, but what I think is hilarious is how a celeb marriage comes under such scrutiny. Gossip rags analyze every photo to death trying to find some sort of body language, cue that “signaled” things were ending (I’m looking at you Cosmo). just because the person isn’t smiling in the photo (probably #4 of 3000) doesn’t mean that things are falling apart. or does it? BenandJenFrom what I have seen online it sounds like Bennifer 2.0 are doing things right, as far as celebrity divorces can go, they made a quick announcement and then packed up the kids and Got Outta Dodge. Taking the summer to spend some quality time with the kids and stay out of the spotlight to get their shit together seems so… normal. The kids aren’t in school so they don’t have to deal with difficult questions or bullies (or paparazzi) and by the time summer is over things may resemble some sort of normal. Ben and Jen had a good run in terms of celeb marriages. 10 years is a long time for any couple no matter who they are!

My friend Ms.Poehler wrote in her book Yes Please, a 10 year marriage is certainly not a failure – it is 10 years with kids and that’s a long time in any persons life. This is just a new chapter. Now that the couple are out of the prying eyes of the paparazzi you know what that means? The world can speculate with glorious insanity about the who, what and the where, but I know that everyone is really concerned about Matt Damon… who’s getting MD in the divorce? OR!!! (and I LOL’d at this post found on the internets – again, I’m lookin’ at you Cosmo) could this mean that Bennifer the Original could happen again? or maybe I need to stop clicking on links to Cosmo. Could it be the early 2000s all over again? Lets give Jenny from the Block another look/listen. Rocks, Beige clothing, Big Hair and J.Lo. We can have all the fun we want talking about celebs, but in the end let’s hope that the kids are all right and that everyone gets along in the end.


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