The other day, driving home form work, I passed a high school PACKED with kids in gowns and hats, parents and guardians in fancy summer outfits and the air was buzzing with excitement. As my husband and I sat at the red light watching the festivities we got to talking about our high school experiences. to which I proclaimed “UGH! If I had known a shred of what I know now …” I feel like at some point we all say the same, that time flew by and we didn’t realize there were life lessons to be had. I reached out via social to see if my friends had any advice for their High School Selves and it seems that we all had a few common ideas that we WISH we had known. if you’re a youngster reading this blog (or not) here are a few things my friends thought would be important to share about the high school experience:

  • Spend more time seriously thinking about what you want to do in the future, use this time to explore your options and the world! the world can be your backyard and not just doing that hip back packing through Europe garbage that you see on TV. That whole backpacking through Europe dream is kind of bullshit unless your parents are millionaires and are ok with footing the bill.
Featured image
Back packing? probably not! but seriously – no one looks like that good shhlubbing a huge backpack around Europe
  • and I can’t stress enough – if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up that’s ok too. I can tell you, my last year of high school I spent a good deal of time feeling like shit because people in my world felt that I was a lost lamb. I spent the 1st year after high school without a plan and worked 2 jobs instead, sure I missed out on a few things, but in the end I know that it was the right decision. What if I had gone to school and then wasted money? on one hand it might have worked, but I can’t turn back time. I just really hated how my peers and even my teachers shook their heads at me… like I was some lost cause. Well Look At Me Now Jerks!
Featured image
I don’t even have a PLA… and it turns out that not having a plan is ok too.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, we get that this is the oldest you have ever been, but you can stop being a dick to people. This is the time to make friends and lasting bonds, not treating people like crap because you don’t think they wear the right clothes or because their gay or because they have a different hair cut than yours. Giving back is important and being an active member in your community is never a bad decision. For those of you reading this who have found people are mean and that these past few years have been hard I feel for you completely and my friends and I tell you in all honesty IT DOES GET BETTER! #itgetsbetter
Featured image
here’s me – free from high school and getting to see things from a fresh perspective
  • and most importantly don’t give a flying trout what other people think! I spent too much time worrying about what the “cool kids” thought about what I was wearing when I walked through the cafe. as a Senior I began to realize it wasn’t ever going to be good enough for them and I needed to be happy being me plus those people were morons, they thought it was important to point out my flaws and that my clothes didn’t come from fancier/lame stores in Toronto when in reality they were pathetic – stuff was happening to them and they thought making me feel like crap would somehow make themselves feel better. I can honestly say that those people … well they can go suck an egg… and they are no better.

if you could go back! is that the dream?! to redo your time in high school with everything you know now? would it be better? what would you tell you Younger Self?


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