Canadian Summers

The summer breeze is finally here!

I don’t know about you, my hordes of fans, but I am pretty excited that summer has officially arrived.

Like all Canadians the summer is a valuable treasures. I’m pretty sure John Mayer sings “It’s those couple weeks of summer that makes the whole year seem worthwhile” PRAISE JM! You sing the truth! and since this past winter it felt like the warm breezes and longer days would never arrive.

A friend on FB wrote “It would be great to spend an entire summer never having to hear complaints about the weather” PREACH! So to get it all out of our system I thought this blog post could be the place where we air our grievances. Get it all out right now. Purge ourselves of the negative and bring in the positive. here is my list to get us started, tell me if you agree/disagree or if I’m missing anything 🙂

  1. sweating in uncomfortable places – for me? it’s underwire/underboobage, I have recently discovered top lip sweat and I am not a fan.
  2. Mosquitos and black flies – they seem to be at most dangerous early in the summer and now that I have a little one I am even more cautious about dusk and dawn play time in the yard.
    1. part 2 – the itchyness. OH SHIIIIT! I wish for ankle bites and other uncomfortable areas for my worst enemies
  3. Algal Bloom – if you are not quite sure about what it is then check out the experts at National Geographic on Algal Bloom. this stuff can sure cramp your summer time fun!
  4. people of a certain age wearing clothing that they just shouldn’t – correction, those who choose to not wear anything. That’s right! I’m taking to you gramps ala cut off shorts or lady mc-braless, I understand it’s hot, but for goodness sakes you can look amazing in summer casuals. same goes for you hot 20somethings why not leave SOMETHING to the imagination.

    Awkward! and Gross!
    Awkward! and Gross! Put the Mouse Back in the House buddy #gunther #friends
  5. also, when is it all of a sudden ok to wear a hillbilly tank top as an outer layer? maybe it’s just where I live…
  6. socks and sandals BAH!

  7. allergies – all winter it’s smooth sailing, then spring/summer creeps up and it’s like MY EYES HAVE NEVER KNOWN SUCH ITCHYNESS AND I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT IT EVERY DAY! (ahem my husband)
  8. your sweet treat melts a little too quickly. So many drips! no one can handle that in a calm way
  9. and finally condensation – I know it’s a little insane, but you have to understand, I am a BIG fan of icy drinks as well as previously mentioned slushy drinks so having to scrounge for a coaster isn’t ideal. But I’ll get all Monica on your ass if I find condensation on my nice table.

NOW Let’s Bring on the Summer FUN!


2 thoughts on “Canadian Summers

  1. Complaint #10- Flip Flop Blisters- Man being able to switch from closed toed boots/shoes to the openness of flip flops on that first hot day is glorious! Be free my toes and show your beauty a la fancy nail polish! The only downside–the blisters you get in between your big and little toe and possibly on your heel. The pain of beauty only lasts a short while and your feet will eventually feel the comfort of the padded plastic $4.00 Old Navy flip flop. Until that happens though, ouchies!

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    1. You are absolutely right Devon! It’s like we forget all about it and revel in the summer air on our toes only to regret that decision for just a day or two. The upside? Old Navy flip flops are ALWAYS on sale 🙂


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