hairstylists laugh at your jokes

I had a hair appointment to get my noggin’ all styled up and ready for summer!

While enjoying the “me” time I also get the chance to catch up with my hairdresser/friend/mommy mentor Miss.M.

Sure, I pay her to hang out with me on most of our get togethers BUT I won’t let that stop this happy parade. I’ll take what I can get!Featured image

Yesterday I left my purse out of view and given the clientele I was confident that no one was going to walk out of the salon with my lip gloss, keys or purse. the ladies visiting were there for up dos or bi-monthly sets (if you’re not familiar with what a “hair set” is it’s shop talk for a Nana perm/poodle hair/golden girls do) and then there was me.

Without much thought we joked that I probably didn’t have to worry too much about my bag, and THEN I made an awesome Dirty Dancing reference WALLETS on the Floor! no one suspects the Needlemens! and it was well received.

It’s the little things that make the day better, and getting in that little joke was just what my morning needed. This is a Thank You to my friend Miss. M for laughing at my joke… and for being old enough to get that reference… and for being my friend, because making (and keeping) friends can be tough and I’m glad I got to joke around with you!

Do you have a hard time making friends or is it all breezy and you’re miss/mister popular? what jokes have you told recently that were well received? it felt good didn’t it?!

Have a happy Start to the week y’all!


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