is your time worth more than mine?

I work in the world of customer service – it’s not always the hardest, but because of people who come in and out of my world on a regular basis, it isn’t always the easiest. It’s the age of the internet, everything can be logged/recorded/shared and you would think people would behave a bit better for that small chance someone might catch you, but I see that it can be quite the opposite. Being able to reach customer service via the veil that is email or social media has created some pretty awful monsters .

There are websites and blogs devoted to the ridiculousness that people in CS deal with. Jobs are certainly an adventure and I sympathize with my fellow CS’ers when I hear about stuff that “guests” or “customers” put them through. it is no short of a challenge and in most cases highly entertaining. Featured image

The other day I had a doozy. It’s Friday when an email from a very upset customer appears. not only was the customer mad that they had to wait(!) then asked to leave a message (the horror!) but it was so busy that it was wasting her valuable time, she continued to waste her valuable time by e-ranting, and letting me know just how much her time was worth and that I was no short of ridiculous for making her wait to deal with the task that had been assigned to her.

NOW to be fair we all want the day to run smoothly so we can cross the things off our To-Do list so that we can feel productive but my Dear Customer – DON’T BE A JACKASS. In your world you feel important, and to throw around just how much money you make compels me to think that you lack a very important element – class. Obviously… treating somebody like crap makes them want to help you faster. (and in my case it was Friday… so I’ll get to her email on Monday :P) BUT then I got to thinking – at what point does time actually become valuable? I MEAN LEGIT valuable? Does that mean that my time is not? Am I supposed to feel inferior? I don’t think so. There are way more professions and people out there who I see as more valuable.

  1. law enforcement – time spent on the job (and, I know in some cases, when not on the clock) keeping my family and my community safe (VALUABLE)
  2. fire and ambulance service people – the time they spend helping my community with all that they do (VALUABLE)
  3. leaders of countries like the Prime Minister, POTUS, other democratic leaders – these men and women are working to ensure that my basic rights and freedoms are upheld (VALUABLE)
  4. the person who has just been told that they have months/weeks/days to live (VALUABLE!!)
  5. singe parents, guardians, awesome foster parents – these people helping raise families and kids perhaps without the help of a network. (VALUABLE families of all shapes and sizes)
  6. people who work multiple jobs to keep up with the cost of living (hard-working VALUABLE)
  7. the kid working two jobs to save up for school/other adventures who offers to help me with my purchases (VALUABLE)
  8. the men and women who serve our country here and abroad (holy cow VALUABLE!)
  9. Medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers) who study and learn for YEARS in order to try to help and save people’s lives. (Valuable too!)
  10. Teachers of all levels and fields who are passionate about what they do and are looking to share their knowledge, shaping the minds of the young and helping encourage learning. (VALUABLE RIght THERE!)
  11. Volunteers – people who take time out of their lives to help others (Philanthropic value!)

Now I know that’s 11 I could come up with quickly, but I wanted to ask you what you thought – have you thought you were worth more than someone else? right after did it make you feel like shit for thinking it? I’d love to hear some other jobs that you feel are valuable and why.


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