Things I need to figure out

So it’s coming up to that time of year , my birthday, and every year around this time I have a moment where I realize I’m 28+4 and I still don’t have a lot of stuff figured out. It isn’t like I’m going to solve some sort of insane mathematical equation this year or that I will discover a new species of fish… nope, that’s not me. So I thought the blog would be a great place to post 10 things I would like to scratch off my knowledge bucket list:

  • What the HELL is my skin type? Is it normal, combo, sensitive? Why on EARTH did my body decide it was ok change things up as I hit my 30s?
  • At some point I have to figure out – What is the difference between Fixed Rate and Variable mortgages? – does the bank still take my money? ABSOLUTELY! That’s what I know so far.
  • How is it this hard to find pillows that are actually comfortable? Is there some secret pillow factory that everyone else seems to know about but me? It doesn’t seem to matter where the pillows come from…they…are…never…..the…same
  • At what point was it decided that its ok to point out when people look tired? Forget a wardrobe malfunction but pointing out that you look tired… it’s like people relish in that as well as telling you how grey your hair looks. if only I had comfortable pillows maybe I wouldn’t look so tired.
  • What is the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament? I’m not a religious person in any way but I would like to be able to laugh with some of my friends when there are more intricate jokes with references to the OT and the NT.
  • How do I use my electric toothbrush properly so that I don’t end up in a foamy/spitty messy shirt disaster EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN’ TIME!
  • Can someone please explain to me the difference between Concealer and Foundation?! Which goes on first? Do I use both or one? And WHY do I need to use powder after to “SET” the whole thing? Isn’t that just going to look too overdone? (So many makeup questions, so little time) Someone needs to sit me down and give me some lessons in makeup.
    • Sidebar – why is Sephora so intimidating to me? I feel like that is a whole other Blog post of awesomeness that I need to tackle in the future
  • Why is my hip clicking? I didn’t fall on it recently.
  • Is there a difference between regular and unleaded gas? Or is it just regular unleaded then unleaded and then someone decided to throw in diesel to shake things up. Or am I crazy and there is really only regular and diesel now? Ok, I know my car takes regular and not diesel so I’m happy that I have at least ½ of that sorted out.
  • Who the hell invented the No White after Labor Day rule?

If any of you reading this consider yourself an expert in one or all of these please let me know. I can’t rely on Wikipedia. Also, what kinds of things have you always wanted to know or were confused about? Maybe I can help, a little knowledge exchange if you will. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Things I need to figure out

  1. I know you’d never guess – but call me if you want a make-up lesson! I dreamed of becoming a makeup artist when I was younger, hehe 🙂


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