Comediennes in print

Comedy keeps me going. Some days are rougher than others and once and a while you just need a little pick me up to help get it together.

Like most people, I am a super fan of the funny ladies Ellen, Tina, Amy, Mindy, Chelsea etc etc etc. To say we are lacking ladies in the funny department is absolutely redunk! and I couldn’t be prouder of the comedy that is coming out these days, these ladies are not only funny but they are also stand up role models for chicks out there who love the funny.

That being said I have to say the books I read have not been as ROTFLOL funny as I had hoped. Maybe my expectations are high, but in the end I found that each of these books only had a handful of funny moments that made me really chuckle. I did learn a bit about each that I found interesting so the books were not a waste. not at all.

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After finishing the latest I thought I would share my short list of the things I took away from the Fab 4:

  • Chelsea holds nothing back – her book made me laugh the hardest, she weaves hilarious tales and gets that raunchy thing just right. not so over the top that it isn’t believable but fueled with enough vodka I wish I could have been there to witness the insanity.
  • Tina sets the comedy standard high – I was hoping for some revelations in BOSSYPANTS about being a lady in comedy and while it was funny it was just a light look at her life so far with a bunch about her Sarah Palin impressions being so groundbreaking. I’m thinking I will enjoy Tina’s future memoirs when she has a ghost writer and has 30 more years of awesomness to reflect on.
  • Amy is a NAME dropper – holy shit, I like Amy but it got to be a bit much. We get it! we’re all insanely jealous that you rub shoulders with funny people on the daily and that you are extremely successful with P&R and surrounded by greatness. (i don’t sound bitter at all…) and she has a serious bestie in Seth Meyers and she loves her kids. so she played her mom card and it won me over.
  • Mindy – I will admit I have watched maybe 1 episode of The Office in it’s entirety and I’m not sad that I haven’t watched any more, but now that I know that much more about Ms. K I just might check things out. I discovered The Mindy Project on Netflix and absolutely bust a gut. the writing is so good (and the announcement of its cancellation just yesterday has left me a little heartbroken). her book was sweet, she talks about being a comedy geek from a young age, having a good relationship with her parents and working to get to where she is today. it was a quick read.

so there you have it folks, my summary. now you don’t have to read any of them right?! 😉

I’m on the hunt for more comedy books to dive into. I was thinking about re-reading Ellen’s stuff as well as some others like Tim Allen and some of those guys. Are there any books out there that I have to read? let me know and we can compare notes!

Happy reading Friends!


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