My Dairy Dilemma

Not long ago my doctor had reason to believe that I may have picked up a tummy virus while on vacation.

I’m almost completely sure that I didn’t get a virus, I have a very sensitive tummy with issues that go back about a decade, but whatever.

I was feeling pretty lousy and willing to try anything to make food and eating appealing. Nobody wants to see/hang out with me when I have low blood sugar… it’s not pretty!

ANYWAYS! Because of this diagnosis of a possible virus I was prescribed some heavy probiotic to help “reset” if you will.

Now I have never had these before and the pharmacist had very important directions to follow: take two a day – breakfast + dinner, drink LOTS of water & whatever you do Ainsley, NO DAIRY!

For those of you that don’t know me DAIRY products are like…my Achilles heel. Some have self-control problems when it comes to chocolate or maybe salty snacks or perhaps recreational drugs (not judging!) but mine is all things dairy.

If I had my way, and Featured imagemy body didn’t scream at me, I would start my day with ice cream washing it down with a big glass of 2% followed by cheese platters then heading off to bed after a smorgasbord of dairy rich foods topped off with an ice cream sundae and probably a milkshake. Somewhere in there would be some fruits and veggies too – I’m not a monster! But I have no doubt there would be some type of dip product to accompany them.

So I decided to take these instructions from the pharmacy as a challenge and make sure that I followed them to the letter. I am under the strong impression that pharmacists are geniuses, they almost went to medical school and they make sure that I have the correct amount of medication so to me they fall into the genius category. PLUS they get to wear white coats so that right there… is important.

I have to say that having no Dairy in my diet for a week was ROUGH #firstworldproblems but not just because of my passion for all things dairy, but also because dairy is an ingredient in a whole boat load of stuff. Pancakes? Forget it – yogurt and buttermilk in there. Fish tacos? SURE! – just don’t use shredded cheese or sour cream topping. Tea? – Ok but it has to be black. This little assignment made me super aware of what I was eating and I started to imagine a life with real food allergies. Some of my friends deal with this on a daily basis. I guess if you are born with food allergies it’s all you ever know, but what if you develop something over time? What about developing an allergy to shellfish? I worked for a gentleman eons ago where that happened and they found even his wife’s expensive makeup was making him break out! Holy Crap!

One lesson I learned that week was that I missed dairy, I had the shakes just pouring my daughter her homogenized milk at breakfast.:) But I also discovered in myself that I have to work on willpower, I can’t rely on medicine to keep me healthy, it is going to take a lot of work to figure out what causes my tummy issues and I have to take care of myself so I can be around to take care of my family.

Also, Food Allergies are crazy, did you know you can be allergic to melon? I have a new found respect for fellow humans who have to cut items out of their diets due to allergies or aversions. It isn’t easy!

What kinds of foods are you allergic to? Have you had them your whole life? Was there something you had to cut from your diet that was really tough?


2 thoughts on “My Dairy Dilemma

  1. I’M NOT A MONSTER – hahahahaha! Ditching dairy is TRICKY! It’s addictive because of the protein casein that’s in it. And also, it’s delicious. I have a good friend that is allergic to latex so she can’t eat avocados! Life without avocados….talk about your first world problems,,,,but although it wouldn’t actually for real kill me, I’d find that hard. My husband grew up on a farm and never had allergies, but not he’s “grown into them” and is allergic to apples because they get shipped before they’re ripe.

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