The Little Cold that Could…

Getting a cold is the WORST! (ok, not the absolute WORST but it’s still shitty) and I’m sure you will all agree that it never fails to happen at the least opportune time. I have been battling a head cold for a few days and that’s why this post is late. My apologies to my hordes of loyal fans! *Hi MOM!

But instead of being all negative nelly about having a cold I thought I would try to think of the bright side to the blockage: the happiness in the heap of hankies… if you will.

Where is the double rainbow in all of this congestion?!

  1. Your family is totally sympathetic to your lack of patience; it’s not you it’s the mucus that’s making you almost unbearable.
  2. Sometimes it’s a little hard to hear –you’re thankful for those moments when you don’t hear your partner snoring (aka – the lucky bastard sleeping peacefully) or the dogs incessant barking.
  3. Right when you start to feel a bit better you get intense about laundry and cleaning surfaces – never has your stuff smelled so good or been so clean!
  4. You can’t remember when your bed/sleep area has ever been more comfortable when you get to sleep in the middle of the day. This is the bed that you can’t get comfortable in on a regular night, but come head cold time it’s like duvet nirvana.
  5. All you want is fluids – and you can cart around a jumbo travel mug from room to room.
  6. Soup and crackers, yogurt, toast w/jam, herbal tea w/honey, toast w/butter, oatmeal – never has it been a better time to be a lazy cook.
  7. When you’re delirious from the Nyquil you start to dream about all of the amazing stuff you want to accomplish when this cold is officially over.
  8. THE NYQUIL! Original cherry red, not that lame green kind.
  9. If you’re not a fan of your coworkers this is the perfect time to get some space! You will be avoided, quarantined and the quiet will be glorious.
  10. You get to feeling better and suddenly EVERYTHING is awesome you feel the cold is over. IT’S TIME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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