cable guy!

The other day we had an internet service call. No problem, that’s what has to happen to have ALL THE INTERNETS! One thought screamed occurred to me, as the young man did the necessary technical stuff, HE’S SILENTLY JUDGING MY CD COLLECTION!! Now you younger readers are probably saying HOLD ON! What’s a CD? Those of you in a 25 + age range know what I’m talking about. Those awesome plastic discs of music taking up space in a shelf in your home/office, full of memories, tears, awesomeness and embarrassment. My collection has variety. I hope when the cable guy was snooping (I’m sure that he wasn’t, but humor me for a sec.) he found the goods, laughed at my guilty pleasures and hopefully deduced from my collection that I’m a decent person. Then I thought, WHAT THE Donkey is WRONG with me? why do I care if this stranger thinks my music collection is cool? At what point in my life did I start caring about what other people thought? Oh! Just about ALWAYS! As far as I can remember that has always been something that has nagged at me, I worry about what friends/frenemies/family/boyfriends thought about me. This post is starting to sound either super vain or super pity party and I’m hoping you’ll see that this is not the point of this post.

haha you thought this post was going to be about music…

I am a self-conscious grown up type person and I have anxiety issues that I am working on (daily & not always successfully). I started to think about where all the insecurities started, I can’t really put a pin on the exact moment I started worrying about absolutely everything but I’m hoping to figure that out. But I can’t do any of that if I’m stuck in the house worrying about what Nancy the Dog Walker might think about my hat . It’s a hat with a pompom Nancy, just keep on walkin’ lady.

In the meantime I’m going to blast something from my collection and try to relax about the cable guy.

I ❤ music – that’s something I will never worry/care about what people think! One small step… here is just a sampling of the artists you will find on my music shelf: John Mayer, Kathleen Edwards, SLOAN!, Bloc Party, Bryan Adams, FleetwoodMac, The Cranberries, Lisa Loeb, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, Madonna, No Doubt, Justin Timberlake, Rage Against the Machine… I would LOVE to hear about music in your collection – is there an artist/group that you will share with anyone who will listen?


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