Kelly! Let’s be friends!

Not that long ago I was at a friends for a potluck and the conversation turned to summer and concerts.

If you’re not from Canada, or don’t know much about Canadians, it’s important to tell you that our summer is about 8 weeks of almost awesome weather SO we try to cram as much fun as possible into that small window of gloriousness.

We chatted about tickets that had been scored.

Outdoor concert venues can be great and I have seen a few memorable shows under the stars with thousands of other music enthusiasts. Nothing like sitting on the grass, enjoying the people watching and silently judging… don’t act like you don’t do it… and getting to see a band LIVE.

BUT Back to what I really wanted to talk about:

We started to list who would be seeing whom, who used a WagJag, who had the WORST seats and who did we envy!

One friend was outted for being a Kelly Clarkson fan and for how excited he was for her show. To say that the group gave him an easy time about it … well that would be the opposite of what really happened 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to listen to all the jabs.

But then it got me to thinking about the good ‘ol KC.

I really did like her Breakaway album but to be honest her stuff just kind of fell off the radar for me. When we got home I thought I would delve a little more into the world of Kelly. first of all Breakaway is 10 years OLD! WHAT!? How is that possible? KC just released, and is currently promoting, a new album, there was this recent adorable appearance on Jimmy Fallon and she is a newish mom.

Then I started seeing more about her online and heard about her dealing with internet bullying. WELL! I did a little research and found out more:

During a recent TV performance (probably for a little show called American Idol – WHICH SHE WON!) some people got on Twitter and started railing on KC for her weight. I won’t dignify those dirt bags by copying their text on my blog. That’s ridiculous! I started to get all razzed by what I was reading and had to back away from the computer. I hate that social media has given so many nasty people the outlet to be cruel and to do it behind the shelter of their computer.

I’m all about sharing (clearly) but what’s the point in calling people names? I’m all about lighthearted teasing, but when it gets mean spirited… well I don’t handle that very well.

I’m happy to say that I heard Miss. Kelly didn’t even dignify that shit with a response. She was confident and clear – she doesn’t read that garbage and doesn’t give a flying care about what people think. Confidence? ABSOLUTELY! Role Model? YOU BET! New Best Friend? PICK ME!

It’s this kind of confidence and hard work that I think makes Kelly pretty cool in my books and I hope other young people find her as awesome as I do.

And to confirm the coolness that is Kelly and to show you just what I mean I did find a gem on the internet that I had to share.

Featured image

I’m planning on writing more about people who inspire me and would love to hear about who you

would pick to be in your Celeb BFF Dream Team!


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