Chocolate Chocolate AACK!

Easter is just around the corner and, I don’t know about you, but I am bombarded by pictures of confectionery delights that I am having a hard timFeatured imagee ignoring!

IT’S SO HARD not to buy that 5 pound chocolate bunny or that 20 pounds of jelly beans and now that I’m a grown up type person I have to face the music and buy one for myself. Once you get to a certain age you have to try and justify why you would spend $11.99 on drug-store not-so-great chocolate. #firstworldproblems My grandparents aren’t around to buy me unreasonably large amounts of candy…it’s time to face the music lady.

If you’re one of those people with immense self-control well then maybe this post isn’t for you… kidding!

At this point in my life that much candy/chocolate wouldn’t really be good, I know that, you know that, but my brain just doesn’t want to accept it.

Here are just a few justifications I came up with today:

  1. I could melt the bunny and use it for a million pinterest-esque treats – this way I could lure potential friends, buying their affection with sugary goodness!
    1. and I mean LURE in the least creepy way possible. More like an adorable luring ala Zooey Deschanel.
  2. I am convinced there will be no chocolate left after the holiday weekend so I should stock up!
  3. I forget about that one Easter I ate 5lbs of chocolate and then felt positively ill and strangely high for the next 24 hours
  4. Because the next time I will find a piece of chocolate THIS big will be at Christmas! And Frankly, I don’t know if I can wait that long.
  5. It’s a great hostess gift to bring to Easter dinner at my parents. Nothing says classy like a bunny in a box (missing its ears!)

At Easter I LOVE seeing all of the characters immortalized in chocolate. Trying to grab at consumers with flash and sweetness! TMNT, Hello Kitty, Elmo & I’m thinking Frozen Olaf in Chocolate – but that would be weird, well… no… eating chocolate Elsa would be WEIRD.

Perhaps this will be the year I try a Cadbury Cream Egg or some of those Peeps. I hear that those are pretty popular.

What are some of your favorite chocolate treats? do you have any hilariously chocolatey memories?


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chocolate AACK!

  1. i bought my mom a Lindt chocolate bunny with the plans of giving it to her for Easter while she’s in the hospital. It was one of the big ones with the cute little red collar and jingle bell. She’s sick so she deserves the big one. Poor thing didn’t make it 24hours in my care before it was devoured while I lay across my bed binge watching The Mindy Project. Never buy edible presents in advance, they won’t make it.

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