All the single parents, All the single parents

WOW! what a week.

1st, let me start off this post by saying I respect single parents doin’ their thang every day. I don’t want anyone to think I felt any other way.

Not until I was a single parent last week did I REALLY get to understand even a tad of what single parents take care of day-in-day-out. My husband spent last week working his butt off for a conference in the works for the last year. It was all hands on deck for 6 days, 14-18 hour days, he came home to sleep a few hours and then was back out the door. So i was in charge of ALL the things for our 2 babes.

What I came to understand was how single parents must feel AND how crazy a life it must be when you throw a job into the mix as well. Since I’m on Mat Leave (thank YOU Canada!) I had one advantage of not having to time manage myself, dress and have some semblance of washed hair. My clients were my daughter and son and they are too young to judge me too harshly.

I will admit it to anyone who will listen/read this blog post: It is a miracle I made it, I got lunches packed and bottles made and every evening but I learned more about myself. I had to be ok with wearing the same sweater for 3 days in a row and pretending I didn’t give AF what the other moms thought, I had to cook ALL the meals and somehow find time to eat, I had to be patient with my baby as he screamed bloody murder during story time (kudos to my 4 yr old for keeping her shit together) and the last part I learned was that I am ridiculously Co-Dependent and that made me more upset than anything else.

Being left alone to my thoughts isn’t great on the best of days, but this past week I had a chance to really take an honest look at myself. Am I happy with how my life would be if I was the single parent? Would I be able to handle this if my life suddenly took a new turn? I am still leaning towards YES.

Big shout outs to the single parents who can get the kids out the door fed, clean and ready to tackle the world. Not only do you have the energy of a thousand suns know that you are doing a great job when the laundry is piling up – the laundry can wait (I learned – SCREW Laundry – just know which basket has the clean stuff). My words of encouragement came from my daughter, little I love yous or thanks for the scrambled eggs mama made it worth it. Her funny and sweet personality got me through it. This is where the parents get their juju to take on the world I supposed.

Single parents – you got this. Take every little word from your littles as encouragement – you’re doing great and it doesn’t matter if their hair didn’t get brushed this morning or they have extra granola bars in their lunches they love you because you’re there for them.

I bow down to you with the utmost respect and awe.


ps- have you discovered something new about yourself since becoming a parent? I’d love to hear what you have!




little bits of Spring

Hello world!

I have been outta the blog writing game for quite some time! I missed you!

So let’s start a new season with some new blog posts and some fun! full of exclamation points!

Recently I had a baby, YUP! I’m a 2nd time mama. So getting into a groove with baby, a kindergartner and the baby daddy is taking some adjusting. It won’t be easy, but we sort of knew what we were getting into 🙂

Since being home means all sorts of change, mom guilt and absolute adoration for this new little person, the world is spinning just a tad too fast. I needed some moments to calm the heck out, find something small to enjoy and savor. My husband was the one to help with that today and I thought it fit in with this blog about loving the funny.petite and sweet things in life.

We’re doing a landscape overhaul of our place. But what does that have to do with anything? Well like all new adventures there are always surprises along the way and this house (and garden) has lots of that.

With the start to Spring 2017 and some sunshine (finally) we’re starting to see little blooms appear. These cute little bulbs are so cheerful and rich with colour we couldn’t help but pick them to bring inside to enjoy just a little longer, and a little string of colour is the icing on the cake!

Grape Hyacinths

I just wanted to take a small moment to enjoy something in nature that is petite – a bit of spring to add some cheer and help us all enjoy the new beginnings around the corner.

What little things do you enjoy? a piece of chocolate? a strong cup-o-coffee? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Spring!


Harper Lee

Good Morning Literature Fans!

I know I promised that this blog would be all fun and awesomeness (so far, with just a few hiccups along that way like that Pity Party disaster of a post) but now that I have had about a month to digest the passing of Ms. Lee I wanted to type out some thoughts about the author who changed my life.

Maybe changed my life is too strong. Maybe shaped my views of the world? that still doesn’t seem right, but I do believe that Lee shaped how I view the world and how one novel can do so much. And clearly I am not alone.

Oh sure! The blog-o-sphere shouts back at me How could one book mean so much to you? it was just ONE book, ONE moment in your young life. There are millions of meaningful works out there. and while I don’t disagree I can say with certainty that there are only handful of books that have truly stuck with me.

One of the reasons I love To Kill A Mockingbird so is because it had the balls to be banned! I LOVED that I loved a book so much and it was somehow scandalous. It was a beautiful thing, I discovered a book that a few narrow-minded twits thought to ban. I felt superior! In a time when I was trying to figure out who I was, and getting ready for a new chapter in my life this book somehow made me feel smarter and that was something I didn’t feel as often as I would like.

The other reason I still love this book is that I am finding more people who love it with just as much intensity. I knew all along I wasn’t the only one, but as I find other stories that shape my way of thinking I am glad there are more people I know who love the book and want to talk about it. The power of a single work of writing really is a fantastic thing 🙂

A few other novels that have impacted my world:

Surfacing – Margaret Atwood surfacing
Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plathsylvia

What about you? Have you found a novel/short story/poem that shaped your way of thinking? Perhaps gave you a new perspective or changed your life path?

I would love to hear about your favorites!






Playdough is crushing my soul


That’s right! I said it! Playdough is slowly killing me.

It sounds insane, but now that I’m a parent I have discovered I have a hard time with some #firstworldproblem stuff. Apparently I am not a good playdough participant and my kiddo is not happy, I have been demoted to second string playdough participant!

You know it’s bad when you would rather do anything else, in my case it’s washing dishes and that is SO low on my list of things to do… my husband knows there has been playdough out when there isn’t a dirty dish in sight.

I hate to say, but I would do just about anything else to avoid it. Doesn’t that sound like one of the shitty-est things? To be fair it’s not that I hate ALL playdough, it’s just the mixing of the playdough that my brain cannot seem to accept “I will play with you, but only if you use one color at a time” has become my motto and then I did try salt dough – I figured this would be great! you can make a batch in a variety of colors and then you don’t care if they mix together b/c it’s just flour + water + salt. WRONG!

Not only did my salt dough not turn out like it showed on Pinterest,
(ugh! now I have to add pinterest fail to my list of disappointing parenting moments LOL), but then the dough was too salty I guess? my hands couldn’t take it! My brain was steaming! GET THIS CRAP OFF MY HANDS!

Anywho, the lesson I learned today is that I have to cool my jets, it’s just playdough and this kid friendly stuff is just one more thing I have to learn to be ok with. I just have to let it go.

Have you discovered stuff as a parent that drives you crazy? But not really crazy… just a bit irrational and hilarious? I’d love to hear about it!




Friends for the holidays, Part 2

We survived the holiday season! And I got through the holiday-esque Friends episodes! It was so worth it and I’m so glad I get to share it with you.

Instead of going through all the episodes we can skip to season 9. It’s perfect! A flash back episode! if you want to be lame and not binge watch you can just watch this one. (But we know you’ll watch all of them…over and over) 🙂

S9 E10 – The One with Christmas in Tulsa

If I had remembered this one was a flashback I would have saved a bunch of time and skipped the others. But this one is great, it has so many memories all of the best lines. It really made me think about my friends and then how you get to an age when you decide that you get to make your own family with the people you want to surround yourself with. The people who make you your best.

Sometimes you want to spend more time with friends, you lose family or your life moves in so many different directions you spend the holidays at different corners of the world. The holidays bring you together as well as give you a chance to look back on other great holiday memories.

This episode also makes you think about what is important to you, do you want to keep working for people that send you to boring places? do you want to find happiness doing something else? This is the starting off point for Chandler’s new career path and I know a lot of people go through the same thing at this time of the year. It’s time to reflect and to (hopefully) laugh our asses off with good friends.

If you’re on the look out for the holiday episodes, look no further:

  • S1E4      The One with the Monkey
  • S2E9      The One with Phoebe’s dad
  • S2E10    The One when Rachel quits
  • S6E10    The One with the Routine
  • S7E10    The One with the Holiday Armadillo
  • S8E11     The One with the creepy holiday card
  • S9E10    The One with Christmas in Tulsa
  • S10 E6   The one with Phoebe’s Wedding


Friends for the Holidays Part 1

I, like so many diehard fans, wanted to spend a bit of my holidays catching a few episodes. My hubby had a great idea: why don’t we watch some Netflix and chill! No! Wait! I just found out what that means!

What he really meant was: Let’s watch the holiday episodes in the Friends seasons, you love the show so much and I love you so it’s a win/win

*ok, that may not have been exactly what he said, but it’s pretty dang close

Obviously I thought the idea was awesome AND I thought it would be a great idea for a blog post or even a series of them. So here we go…

If you don’t really know me, soon you will discover how much of a Friends junky I really am. I have logged thousands of hours laughing it up with Ross, Joey, Pheebs, Rachel, Mon and Chandler. I have learned valuable life lessons, copied haircuts and style and I would argue that Kauffman and Crane did create one of the best sitcoms of all time. All time. NO! All time.

To celebrate all things holiday-ish we sat down to watch a few of the episodes that fell around the Christmas Season.

S1 The One with the Monkey:

OMG! 1994!!! I love how this show is such a time capsule. In 1994 I was a youngin’, so these episodes didn’t enter my universe until later but MAN you gotta love the clothes. We were curious: were those giant vest cardigans ever actually cool in the 90’s? The scrungees I totally get, velvet dresses I thought were so fancy (apparently making a comeback?!) and cameras WITH Film!

But holy shit those sweater vests.

The episode is really a great starting point for a chat about how relationships can leave a mark on your heart. For those of you who might not know this is where we meet David (aka Scientist Guy aka Hank Azaria).


Enter the discussion about long-distance romances! Sometimes you meet the one but the timing is off, and Phoebe shows us what a strong person should act like. Sure, you’re going to be so sad, but if you really love someone you’re going to want them to have all the opportunities in the world, and that means letting them go.

It’s really neat how #spoileralert the writers brought David back on more than one occasion.



closing in on my end of the year pity party

It’s happening , the pity police are closing in.

I discovered in my University Years that I fall into a trap of self doubt at the same time each year. If I’m lucky it only happens once in a year. But it’s mid December (winter exam time) & it happened this past March (end of year exams!).

I don’t know what happened to my mojo. For a while I was happy with how things were going. I became a mom and it has been the bliss I have been looking for to fill my life.

People always say “One Day at a Time” BUT what the heck?! what if I can’t figure out one day from the next? what am I going to do when my kiddo starts school and I’m back to square one? I’ll be doing the same thing day in day out, but without her making me laugh. She’ll be saving all of her shenanigans for her peers – those lucky ducks!

And you know who says the One Day business? People like my husband who seem to have things sorted out. or my parents. or my best friend.

This latest cluster-truck of over analyzing started Monday, I just finished leading a discussion about this great book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. it’s a handy book, Daniel.H.Pink talks about what we know to be true about ourselves but how work environments don’t have their act together when it comes to motivating staff. If you have a chance to pick it up I recommend it. I would stay away from the audio book , D.H.P says the word experiment in a weird way and it was like nails on a chalkboard by the time I got to the end of disc 5.

Instead of being super stoked that I wrapped up on a high note  I  haven’t been able to stop thinking about what the book says and how I feel about myself. Am I in a good head space? Where do I go from here? Will I EVER find satisfaction?

To be clear, I do find satisfaction in most areas of my life. I don’t want my family to think I’m some asshole who doesn’t love them. I’m not a monster.

But I am so curious to know what my future holds, I have not frickin’ clue. Where should I start?

What about you friendly reader? Have you found your calling? Do you use simple techniques to set goals and then achieve them? I’d love to hear your philosophies on life.

Talk soon,


Lingerie lame-o

So, in the world of lingerie I am completely…. lame!

I’m not one to shy away from some well fitted underclothing but I admit it I have no lingerie game. zero. zilch.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about it – I’m not a robot. But I’m a bit more conservative when it comes to the bedroom. I enjoy a comfy pair of long johns like any maple syrup lovin’ Canadian chic! they are so cute and practical!

But in all honesty I just never embraced lingerie because, for me, it just didn’t seem right.

Somehow this is supposed to be sexy. Is she trying to smoke her undies for flavor? Call me confused.
Somehow this is supposed to be sexy. Is she trying to smoke her undies for flavor? Call me confused.

Blazers? Yes, essential wardrobe staple. Corset? Not so much! Flip Flops? Absolutely! Thongs? I don’t think so (the thong song excluded).

But lately I have decided to get me some confidence, my post baby body is not so bad (it only took 3+ years) and I realized today that DAMMIT I don’t see why I should shy away from things. I had a baby for fricks sakes, I let strangers see my hoo-haw but I can’t wear some stockings? Psshaw!

SO I thought I would investigate and share the hilarity with you! The misadventures are the best part.

I will say this – PLEASE for all that is unmentionables, avoid buying online. I do these things to help my fellow humans. Buying online works if you are familiar with the brand/sizing. In my case I gambled and I lost.

I braved a store to find answers. I was looking for a place that wasn’t filled with teenage sales girls who shouldn’t be trying to upsell me pasties (EW!).

There's nothing wrong with buying underwear, just don't try to sell me matching pasties! Get away from me
There’s nothing wrong with buying underwear, just don’t try to sell me matching pasties! Get away from me

But I also didn’t want someone like my mother. (what a buzzkill!) So I found a place and I will say this: I don’t know what the store did with the change room lighting but HOly Moly where can I get that set up? my skin looked radiant! 🙂 Besides the change room ambiance I only fell over once (ok, twice) and the sales girl who helped me didn’t laugh… too hard. They didn’t bug me while shopping so kudos to them for leaving me the heck alone.

In the end I found something not too risky and not too long john-y or full flannel so I’m thinking I’m heading in the right direction. Plus I liked the stores other holiday jammy options so I’m most certainly heading back for snowflake patterned long johns. HOT!

What about you? have you had any underwire mishaps that are hilarious and you want to share? this might be the place to tell! Try on a hair band that turned out to be a tube top? High -five the sales girl that kept the weirdo guy out of the change room area? If we can’t laugh what have we got!

Have a great weekend friends,


camping with kids

Summer is officially over, Hello Fall!

I thought it would be fun to talk about all the summer stuff now 🙂

We can stay cozy inside and reminisce about the fun adventures of summer 2015 together.

In late August we decided to try a short camping trip with our toddler, now I wouldn’t say that the entire trip was all things amazing all the time. But all of the little stuff added up to one hell of a trip. it was a nice learning experience, I found out that it is possible to camp with a little one without losing your mind (anxiety girl over here did not sleep so well leading up to the trip) but I found by making a few lists ahead of time and talking it out we prepared for the trip well and might do it again next summer.

The little things that really added up for me made the trip so great. My husband is the outdoorsy camping guy, I’m the I camped to stay up late with my friends and get drunk / spend all weekend sleeping on the beach gal so I really had to prepare myself for 1. there would be minimum to no drinking  2. I had to make sure no one fell in the fire pit 3. oh right, I’m a mom.

But seriously, the 3 days away were really great after all. I owned the crap out of my messy clothes and the fine coating of dirt and accepted the fact that this trip was more about my husband and daughter making memories then it was about me. This time, it wasn’t about me. And I was ok with that.

The standout moments from our trip came down to 5 things:

  • We made the most of our roadtrip to and from Algonquin park with almost NO drama. No one was car sick, the car wasn’t so ridiculously stuffed with our shit that we could actually see out the windows. I’m proud to say we may have figured out what to pack/not pack
  • We hiked a 2+km trail just the 3 of us, no one around and just a butt load of trees. We had a group hug at the end b/c our daughter walked the entire way. #celebratethesmallthings

Featured image

  • I was worried about how sleeping in a tent would work for our little one, would the sun wake her at the crack of dawn? apparently not! it was probably b/c I bundled her into this jammy caccoon that kept her all snug as a bug. Not even kidding, we brought fleece footy jammies and a sherpa sweater… for August… in Ontario. Layers are the Key …. and a tuque. Always have an effing tuque.
  • the water was cold but my husband humored me and I had the chance to swim every day. swimming is one my THINGS (add it to the growing list of THINGS!) But one spot in particular really changed my day. I was swimming at East Beach, and as I was looking at the trees surrounding me there was this deafening silence of a moment for me, a clarifying moment. it sounds so cliche, but it happened right then and I realized how small I was in this insanely huge world.
  • watching the stars come out with my kid. to be up in Algonquin really is a game changer when it comes to seeing stars, and I’m a fan of the universe and all the burning balls of gas up there. Just beautiful.

Featured image

If my daughter could tell you what her favorite parts from our trip where she would probably tell you:

  • Comfort stations – regular bathrooms are no longer acceptable places to go pee
  • dirt is amazing – I spent time “sweeping” the camp site when we arrived
  • Road trips mean chocolate milk – parents bribed me with chocolate milk
  • My mom was filthy but I had lots of clean clothes – I’m glad someone was looking after me, I was cozy

What about you? was there something fun this summer that really made it the BEST ever? did you have an awesome staycation? Insane Adventure? What made this summer super fun for ya? I’d love to hear about it